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We've reviewed Pagan Publishing products before, so you probably already know who they are: a small company based in Seattle, WA, devoted almost exclusively to licensed supplements to Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. They have a small staff most of whom have day jobs — head Pagan John Tynes is also an RPG designer for Wizards of the Coast and an obsessive insistence on perfection, which leads to a rather spotty production schedule. You don't know when a Pagan product is going to come out, but when it does, you're usually in for a treat.

Walker in the Wastes is certainly no exception. Author John Crowe claims that four years of writing and research went into Walker , and it shows. Walker in the Wastes immediately zooms to the top of the list as one of the finest Call of Cthulhu campaigns ever produced. The entire campaign centers around Ithaqua, a major deity of wind, ice and destruction who had millions of worshipers around the world at one time. Defeated in a battle with the Elder Gods centuries ago, he is greatly diminished in power.

His small but dedicated cult, however, has a plan for restoring Ithaqua to his former power. Anyone wishing to bring a semi-automatic, pump-action or lever-action firearm will be told not to, as these weapons are susceptible to malfunctions in extremely cold temperatures, and advised that a bolt-action rifle, break-open shotgun, or revolver will be more appropriate.

Anyone attempting to bring a fully-automatic weapon is immediately and permanently disqualified from the project. Last edited by Xsesiv; at PM. Don't you like formless horrors?

Call of Cthulhu: Part 1 - Introduction

Just need to think what to play. Looking for the Doctor or Botanist. Spoiler: Rolls. Ignotus Peverell avatar made by the great Bradakhan. Hmm, big, strong, quick, bright and driven, but didn't finish high school. I wonder.

Paul of Cthulhu

AT least finished High School I guess. Still thinking about swaps. Question, if a reroll is worse then the original result, I assume I'll have to stick with the new one? Question 2, can I use my second reroll on EDU again? I had a Russian Doctor in a campain a few years ago and was thinking of something similar I have since lost the sheet , but with 11 EDU it seems unlikely. Last edited by Gray Mage; at PM. Re: The Walker in the Wastes Call of Cthulhu Well that's marginally better Unfortunately, yes you will need to keep the latest result of a reroll, not the best.

You can reroll EDU again if you like, as you're allowed to reroll two results, not necessarily two statistics. Originally Posted by Xsesiv. Well that's marginally better Unfortunately, yes you will need to keep the latest result of a reroll, not the best.

Pagan Publishing

Minister of sarcasm and pragmatism of the Grayview fanclub. No, none of us were altering the unimutable laws of physics. That would be wrong. Well that's rough for stats. I'll have to think about this.

Last edited by TerrickTerran; at PM. I'd be That makes no sense I'll age the character up a bit and try and come up with something. Let me throw some numbers out. I'm thinking a canadian ex-college student, with money problems that was accepted into college by means of an athletic scholaship of some kind those physical stats are too good to drop out and had to drop out due to lack of money income 3. Edit: By the way, if someone wants this makeshift sheet let me know. Re: The Walker in the Wastes Call of Cthulhu So we now have the crunch for a drop-out botanist and the most-level-headed person in the world serving as a guide Sounds good!

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Keep it coming guys. A young woman forced to drop out of school to help take care of her siblings but with a passion for history, she now spends her time studying the Inuit and their culture.

I'll write out more later after I track down my book. Re: The Walker in the Wastes Call of Cthulhu Actually on seeing I have a pretty high education, I've refined my concept a little, though I'm still fiddling with skill numbers. Going to be a Scottish Laird Hunter, who dabbles in Zoology. Going to hit he Zoologist and Guide rolls in theory. I take it the old estate's not doing too well. Clearly the dice roller hates me for this game. Re: The Walker in the Wastes Call of Cthulhu Yup, places for fully fleshed characters, whereas we have only 3 interested as yet.

I'll reroll that DEX roll. I'll try it again. Once more for the DEX.

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How about the geologist? Jumped at the chance to do some academic work with this expedition although rumor has it he had to get out of Turner Valley in a hurry due to some ethical lapse. I think I'm interested in this. Let's see what the dice give us.

Pyramid: Pyramid Pick: Walker in the Wastes

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