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Water for thermal power plants: Understanding a piece of the water energy nexus

Coal-fired power plants use steam coal as source to generate electricity and consequently emit a significant amount of harmful gases into the atmosphere. In a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many developed nations have already announced plans to phase out coal-fired power plants.

In November , the Canadian government had announced plans to phase out its coal-fired power plants by In the same month, the UK government had outlined plans to phase out coal-fired power plants by , with a plethora of other European countries following suit. With diesel as fuel, this type of power plant is used for small scale production of electric power.

Thermal Power Plant Components & Thermal Power Plant Working Explaination

Diesel plants require only a small area to be installed and offer higher thermal efficiency compared to coal-fired power plants. Due to high maintenance costs and diesel prices, the power plants have not gained popularity at the same rate as other types of power generation plants such as steam and hydro. The three main types of geothermal plants include dry steam power stations, flash steam power stations and binary cycle power stations, all of which use steam turbines to produce electricity.

As of May , 24 countries were home to a combined geothermal power capacity of Geothermal power plants are considered environmentally friendly and emit lower levels of harmful gases compared with coal-fired power plants. Using both gas and steam turbines, combined-cycle power plants produce higher amounts of electricity from a single fuel source compared to a traditional power plant. They capture heat from the gas turbine to increase power production and are also found to release low amounts of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The Most Efficient Thermal Power Generation Plants in America

Solar energy plants convert energy from the sun into thermal or electrical energy using one of the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy sources. However, initial costs involved in setting up solar power plants are high and the installation of solar power systems requires a lot of space.

  • Solar thermal power systems use concentrated solar energy.
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In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the number of wind farms across the world, underpinned by technological advancements. Operational costs involved in maintaining wind power plants are low after the erection of wind turbines and they are generally considered cost effective. Wind farms can also be built on agricultural lands, without causing any interruption to cultivation activities.

However, maintenance of wind turbines may vary, as some need frequent check, and wind power projects typically require huge capital expenditure. Tidal energy is generated from converting energy from the force tides into power and its production is considered more predictable compared to wind energy and solar power. However, increased focus on generating power from renewable sources is expected to accelerate the development of new methods to exploit the tidal energy. Though the development of the tidal power is at the nascent stage, it is estimated to have vast potential globally.

ET View: Policy induce stepped-up thermal efficiency in power plants - The Economic Times

Remember me. Don't have an account? What are the different types of power plants used to generate energy? The gas turbine is powered by high-temperature combustion gas that, after being discharged from the gas turbine, is efficiently recovered by means of a heat recovery boiler. This produces steam of sufficient temperature and pressure to drive the steam turbine and generate electricity.

This configuration ensures high thermal efficiency, as the cost per unit of power generated is lower than that of oil-fired thermal power. It is used to provide the base-to-middle-load supply.


This electricity generating system makes electricity by burning fuels such as LNG liquefied natural gas or kerosene to produce high-temperature combustion gases with sufficient energy to rotate a gas turbine. Basic Principle. Types of Thermal Power Generation. Much like nuclear power, coal-fired thermal power is generated around-the-clock and the output is constant. It cannot be adjusted to respond to power demand fluctuations.

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  4. These sources of power can be made to respond flexibly to daily fluctuations in electric power demand. They operate during the daytime, stop at night, and repeat this pattern daily. These sources of power can be adjusted to accommodate peaks in electricity demand.

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