The War In The Pacific. From Pearl Harbor To Okinawa 1941-1945

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They take Wake Island on December 23, General Douglas MacArthur begins the U. On December 27, , the Japanese bomb Manila. January — Japan captures Manila and the U. On January 27, , the first Japanese warship is sunk by a U. February — U. On February 1, the first aircraft carriers, Yorktown and Enterprise , conduct air raids on Japanese bases in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. The largest U. March — Action in the South Pacific continues to escalate. Japan invades the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. President Roosevelt appoints him commander of the Southwest Pacific Theater.

Here is an interesting Maine connection to General MacArthur:. I am voting in honor of my father, Reverend Edwin T.

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Dwight H. Pacific Theater. April — Outnumbered and short of food and medical supplies, American and Filipino soldiers hold out for three months defending Luzon on the Bataan Peninsula.

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Malaria, dysentery, and tropical diseases are rampant. On April 3, the Japanese attack the troops at Bataan.

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Six days later the U. On April 10, the Bataan Death March begins. Estimates of the number of American and Filipino prisoners who started the march vary widely. There were probably 76, Allied POW's, including 12, Americans, forced to walk 60 miles under a blazing sun without food or water toward a new POW camp, resulting in over 5, American deaths from malnutrition, disease and atrocious treatment by their captors. I will be voting in honor of my brother, Pvt.

Hugh P. Parsons, who served in the Army, Ground Air Corps. He and his two cousins, Charles Baird and Arthur Calderwood, and their close friend, Harold Morrison, had grown up together on North Haven and enlisted in the Army together in We, as a family, and the community as a whole lost, sacrificed, four wonderful young men. Betty P.

Brown, North Haven. When I vote, I will do so in tribute to Stanley B. His plane was diverted by the attack at Pearl Harbor.

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His bomb group was formed into a Provisional Infantry Battalion. The Japanese pushed Americans down the Bataan peninsula. Durgin was wounded in the fighting. He was taken prisoner but survived the Bataan Death March. He was incarcerated in Japan for more than 3 years. His POW camp was within the primary target of the second atomic bomb, but weather conditions forced the drop on the secondary target, Nagasaki. James W. Taylor, Jr. May — The action continues. They take Corregidor when General Wainwright unconditionally surrenders all U.

They jumped on Corregidor in the Second World War. SFC Albert B. I am remembering my friend Evan Thurlow. He died in a Japanese prison camp after being captured in Corregidor. Lester O. June , — A turning point in the war occurs at the Battle of Midway. Squadrons of U. The U. Patricia McNally. Cox, Bangor Served in Vietnam. It is the first U. A day later eight Japanese warships retaliate and sink three U. Over 1, Allied crewmen are lost. Nearly two weeks later, on August 21, , U. Marines repulse the first major Japanese ground attack on Guadalcanal , setting the stage for the Battle of Bloody Ridge on Guadalcanal from September , Family members voted on Election Day in honor of Joseph P.

Anastasio, who served in the South Pacific; they sent a copy of his "Enlisted Record and Report of Honorable Discharge" indicating that he had served in Guadalcanal , the North Solomons, New Guinea, and Luzon during his tour of duty from March 17, to August 15, Phil Collins. Marines for 16 years. He was in major battles including Guadalcanal , Cape Glaster, and Peleiu.

He was wounded on Peleiu and was one of seven of the entire company to survive. He received a letter of commendation and 7 battle medals. Philip J. Theriault, Augusta Served in Korea. October - November — Heavy fighting continues. In October, U. The first U. Army troops, the th Infantry Regiment, land on Guadalcanal. In November, U. The Sullivan family lived in Waterloo, Iowa, a town of about 50, people.

They insisted on staying together throughout their service despite an official Navy policy of separating brothers. Eleven months later, on November 13, , they were crew members on the USS Juneau when a Japanese submarine sunk the ship. All five brothers perished, and a nation joined a family in mourning the loss of the "fighting Sullivan brothers.

Kaiser, Sr. John J.

Kaiser, Jr. December 31, — Emperor Hirohito of Japan gives permission to his troops to withdraw from Guadalcanal after five months of bloody fighting against U. However, they do not begin their evacuation for over a month.

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February 9, — The Japanese resistance on Guadalcanal finally ends. April 18, — U. Lydia True Franz. She memorized 4-digit numbers and then scanned the code, which had been intercepted, to identify letters.

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She was on duty when the bombs were dropped. Kathleen Ross, Owl's Head. I am voting in honor of my mom, Sophia Burnell, and my dad, Ernest Burnell. Ernest J. Burnell, North Sebago Served in Vietnam. August 1 and 2, — 15 U. PT-boats attempt to block Japanese convoys in the Solomon Islands. PT, commanded by Lieutenant John F.