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Phenomenology and Hermeneutics - University of Bristol

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It then explains the importance of having an approach that can capture the experience of illness, as well as of decoupling it from a biomedical understanding of disease by distinguishing illness from disease. Phenomenology enables us to focus on the experience of illness itself, whilst bracketing the causal and ontological assumptions that accompany the biomedical model. The distinction enables us to 1 differentiate between the different orders of the body and thus provide a detailed account of embodied illness experiences 2 conceptualise the complexity of the intersubjective encounter in the clinic and 3 understand particular embodied experiences that characterise illness, such as alienation, uncanniness and bodily doubt.

The chapter then turns to hermeneutics, focusing on the work of Fredrik Svenaeus a; b; c , to explain the usefulness of this approach. I end with a survey of recent work in the phenomenology of illness and hermeneutics of medicine and of the ways in which phenomenology has been applied in medical research, training and education.

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AB - This chapter provides an overview of phenomenology and hermeneutics in medicine, explaining the philosophical grounding and practical motivation for this approach. Main research site Explore Bristol Research.

Hermeneutics, epistemology, and science

Standard Phenomenology and Hermeneutics. Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Medicine.