The Advancemet of Women

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Emma Schulz. Gillad Dalal. Ian Jones.

Jonathan Doy. Kelvin Defranciscis. Kersten Norlin. Lani Carter. Laura Hinwood. Lisa Kavanagh. Luke Woodward. Matthew Seisun. Merryn Stewart. Myrna Taouil.

Samantha Smith. Sarah Richards.

Leveraging data and analytics in advocacy

Sasha Vleeshouwer. Shannon Steed. Vanessa Finlayson. Explore Search jobs Why Sparke Helmore? Charter for the Advancement of Women. In support of this initiative, the signatories to this Charter commit to: demonstrating leadership by implementing diversity and inclusion principles in the legal profession and removing gender bias and discrimination in the legal workplace driving change in the legal profession by developing a culture that supports the retention of women legal practitioners and recognises their value in senior roles implementing recruitment and promotion strategies that include gender diversity as an important consideration, including ensuring equal pay for legal graduates within the same organisation regardless of gender promoting and supporting mentoring and sponsorship of women in the legal profession, and encouraging and supporting flexible work practices in the legal profession to assist men and women to better balance professional and other commitments.

Advancement of Women

This publication is not legal advice. Pages: ix—xii 4 total. Pages: xiii—xiv 2 total. Pages: xv—xvi 2 total.

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Pages: 15—39 25 total. Conceptual links to institutional machineries.

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Machineries for the advancement of women

The Indian experience. By: Marian Sawer. Pages: — 22 total.