Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, Fifth Edition

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MacDrive 8. To deactivate in MacDrive 8, the activation must have been originally done through automatic Internet activation for automatic deactivation to be possible. MacDrive 7.

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To deactivate in MacDrive 7, the activation must have been originally done through automatic Internet activation for automatic deactivation to be possible. Troubleshooting Mediafour software activation problems. Circumstances: You are having a problem with the Software Activation process for a Mediafour software product. Please click here for more information. A Mediafour Support Professional will work with you to get the software activated.

How to safely remove drives from the computer. It is important to note that even disconnecting a device improperly one time can cause file system corruption. The icon looks like a gray box with with a green arrow on top. Windows should then prompt you that it is safe to disconnect the device. If not, this is an indication that some part of Windows is using resources on the disk.

To clear this, reboot your computer and before doing anything else, try the above instructions again. Access denied when formatting or repairing. Usually, this is because one or more Windows Explorer windows are still open showing the disk or its contents. Other causes include files on the disk still in use by applications or resident software such as antivirus using the disk. To resolve this problem, try closing Windows Explorer windows and open applications.

If the problem persists, try disconnecting and reconnecting the drive, or restarting the computer. Apple RAID support. The first step in troubleshooting is to determine if the device you are using e. For example, if you are having difficulty using a hard drive via FireWire, try connecting it via USB to determine if the problem is resolved.

Compatibility with Windows 8. Windows 8. A five day free trial of MacDrive is available if you would like to evaluate it before purchasing. No, MacDrive 8 and prior does not support Windows 8. Support for Windows 8 will not be added to MacDrive 8. Mediafour Technical Support is unable to provide assistance to anyone attempting to use MacDrive 7 with Windows 7. You will need your serial number to purchase the upgrade, but do not need to have a prior version of MacDrive installed in order to install the upgrade.

Compatibility with Windows 7. No, MacDrive 7 does not support Windows 7. Support for Windows 7 will not be added to MacDrive 7.

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Encryption and FileVault. MacDrive does not support encrypted Mac-formatted drives. If you connect such a drive, you will be prompted to format the drive and it will not mount. Compatibility with network drives. Mac-formatted hard drive connected to an Airport base station. MacDrive works with direct-attached storage e. Mac-formatted hard drive connected via USB. Sharing of Mac disks mounted with MacDrive is not supported. In such cases, the Mac OS X system volume is inaccessible because, as with any operating system, Mac OS X requires exclusive access to any volumes it has mounted.

Please note that you will need to configure your virtualization software to have a particular virtual OS take control of a drive before Windows can use it. For detailed help with your particular virtualization product and version, please contact the software manufacturer. If MacDrive is installed after Boot Camp drivers are already installed, no special steps are needed. If you are installing Boot Camp drivers after installing MacDrive, either repairing or reinstalling MacDrive will be necessary; you will be prompted by MacDrive when booting Windows in this scenario. Files appear as zero bytes hard links.

Hard links have no content; they are indirect references to regular files. A hard link can be recognized in MacDrive by right-clicking the file, clicking Properties, and clicking the MacDrive tab. Currently, the only workaround is to make a create a copy of the hard-linked file in Mac OS. Aliases , or shortcut files, will also appear as zero bytes, but will also have an original normal file that the alias points to. You can simply open the original file instead of the alias to access it in Windows. Windows XP does not support disks greater than 2TB. To use the disk with Windows, you will need to use a compatible operating system that supports disks greater than 2TB e.

Windows Vista, Windows 7. Compatibility with DMG files.

This feature was implemented in MacDrive 7 and newer. Sparse image files are supported in MacDrive 9 Pro not Standard. MacDrive does not support Sparse bundles, however. Please note that our support for DMGs and Sparse images is limited to those which are unencrypted. MacDrive does not support encrypted disk images or disks. Administrator installation options. Note: MacDrive 9. These instructions are applicable to MacDrive 8. These instructions are applicable to MacDrive 7.

How to retrieve a lost serial number or software installer file. How to create a Mediafour. MacDrive Standard 9. Fixed: Under certain conditions, renaming a folder that contains a large number of files can cause a crash. Changed: For performance reasons, preserving classic Mac information when copying between disks is now optional. Fixed: Windows Explorer slowdown when right-clicking on a computer connected to a network but without Internet access.

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Improved: Offline activation automatically offered when encountering errors with internet activation. Improved: Added specific dialogs for some activation scenarios, such as if attempting to activate MacDrive 9 Standard with a Pro serial number, or vice versa. Improved: Clearer instructions in disk protection warning when reformatting a Mac disk with Windows. Fixed: Misc. Fixed: Disk corruption when creating millions of files. Fixed: System freeze if the computer is restarted immediately after copying files to a Mac disk.

Fixed: Activation offers more options if automatic activation fails. Fixed: Time Machine problems in Windows 8 Fixed: Potential disk corruption when creating millions of files. Fixed: Some Windows 8 Store apps are unable to access files on Mac disks Fixed: MacDrive was unnecessarily protecting partitions on removable media disks Improved: License activation is now more reliable.

MacDrive 9 Standard Support. Download MacDrive 9 Standard. System requirements Windows 8. Frequently Asked Questions. How do I activate?

General: Fluid Remote Desktop

Disk Aware You will be prompted to activate when opening the application. Media SOS. You will be prompted to activate when opening the application, after selecting an eligible device.

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Extending a free trial of Mediafour software Mediafour Support cannot reactivate free trial versions on a computer once they have expired, nor extend the time of a free trial. Troubleshooting installation failures If a MacDrive installation fails, the following are some general tips for proceeding: Ensure that you have downloaded the current version.

The trial download will always be the current version, but if you have a disc or are using an archived file, this is a frequent cause of issues. Close all other open applications.

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Restart Windows, then try the installation again without opening other applications. Temporarily disable resident anti-malware software, such as antivirus and other security software.

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You can disconnect your network connection during installation if you wish, as the installation process does not require Internet. If installation completes, enable Internet before activating MacDrive. If the installation appears to stall the progress bar freezes , make sure there are no popups in the background asking for permissions. Windows UAC, as well as other programs, may require you to respond before installation proceeds. How to activate MacDrive 9 can be used for a five day trial period without activating.

Prior versions The same steps will work to activate MacDrive 7 and 8.