Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript

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Return to Book Page. Therefore, the information in this title is valid and up to date for CS6.

Updated: August InDesign provides a powerful setof tools for producing beautifuldocuments. While you can certainlydo all your work by hand throughInDesign's graphical interface, thereare many times when it's much easier towrite a script. Once you've automateda task, you can run it over the wholedocument, ensuring consistency, orjust when you need it, simplifying andspeeding your layout process.

Step 2) Open the ExtendScript Toolkit

All ittakes is a bit of JavaScript knowledgeand a willingness to explore InDesign'sprogramming features. Get A Copy. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

InDesign JavaScript Reference Guide

That was not the intention of this article! Try it yourself and post in the Scripting Forum if you encounter problems, or ask on a site such as freelancer. I apologize if it sounded like a request.

I just wanted to know if there is a script with such features because the world of scripts is very large and quite unknown. However, I find the DOM documentation to be worse than utterly obtuse, especially for someone who is not already a Javascript expert, and I feel I spend far too much time trial-and-erroring my way to a usable script.

Does anyone have any good tips or advice for a newbie on how best to understand how the DOM is structured while browsing it, and how to divine the proper syntax? Hey Brian, did you find anything in the end for this? Your email address will not be published. Our guide to discovering all the great resources on the site! Sign Up Today! Thanks for coming to InDesignSecrets. The technical background There are two parts to a script: the language you write your script in, and the interface to InDesign.

How to Find What You Need? This file is fully hyperlinked, lists how objects are used in functions, and provides graphic representations of the relations between them: Sometimes you have to see these relations before they make sense; in this case you can see a Layout Window is sort of a Window, which itself is a part of a Document. Finding More Information Obviously, this small primer just scratches the surface of scripting and how to do it. For more information on JavaScript itself, you can use any other online source such as W3Schools.

There are other resources available, too, such as this book by Grant Gamble.

Do you have other suggestions for learning javascript for InDesign? Tell us about them! Bio Latest Posts. Dutchman Theunis de Jong is better known under his nickname "Jongware" and has been bothering people since Started as pressman's little helper in , fresh from school. Well, hardly ever. Wrote programs in pure assembler for Z80, ARM4, 80x86, and processors. As it appeared, this seems the perfect background for right-brain activities such as Scripting and GREP, two InDesign features he fanatically uses and occasionally abuses.

Or was it left-brain? I always forget. I mean, he always forgets. Latest posts by Theunis De Jong see all. Thanks again! I think your posting is where i start to learn Reply. Hey, Jongware, welcome to InDesign Secrets! This is great! Nice one, Theunis! There should be a dedicated site. Actually, I do have some questions if you have a moment. PageMaker scripting anyone? Trying to get length of a text with a double quote. Great post and a hearty welcome to Jongware as an official ID secrets contributor.

Adobe InDesign CS () Object Model JS: About these pages

Excellent post Jongware! Welcome to the InDesignSecrets team! A next article is soon to arrive! Loic Reply. I wanna script!

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I want to know how to write a script to do the following: 1 Undo that thing I just did. Hi, this posting is really good and it is being more helpful for me! Thanks in advance Thanks, Kenny Reply.

Written Instructions

However, in the script you use layoutWindows[0] I do understand that layoutWindows[0] represents an instance or item in an array, but what in the Object Model tells me to use app. Even better, use the Keyboard Shortcut editor to assign a keyboard shortcut to the script, so you can then transpose two characters with a keystroke. This script works to transpose all characters. By default, the Balance Ragged Lines feature will try to make the lines in the selection approximately the same length, favoring a longer first line and a shorter second line.

Getting Started

With this script you can tell InDesign to favor a shorter first line and a longer second line, or to try to make all lines the same length. See the enclosed documentation and example files for more detailed information. The change was for the better, except that in the process, Adobe removed the dialog box that allowed you to enter and edit tooltips. The underlying code for handling tooltips is still in CS4, but the dialog box for viewing, editing and adding tooltips is gone.

This script adds back to InDesign CS4 the functionality for viewing, editing and adding tooltip text to buttons. See the enclosed documentation for more information. This script is no longer needed for CS5. Simply put, James Wamser is an invaluable customer resource. James is known best for his patience, friendly style and his love for making people more confident and skilled at using Adobe Creative Cloud apps.