One Legacy of Paul F. Brandwein: Creating Scientists

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Deloria Jr, V. Power and place: Indian education in America. Fulcrum Publishing. Donna, J.

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Lessons learned from conducting an international student climate investigation: Data, collaboration and social networking. In 19th Symposium on Education. Fort, D. One Legacy of Paul F. Geary, E. Goldman, S.

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Professional development in a digital age: Issues and challenges for standards-based reform. Digital Education Review, 2 — Karsten, J. Advancing earth system science literacy and preparing the future geoscience workforce through strategic investments at the National Science Foundation.

Koch, E.

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Global framework for data collection—data bases, data availability, future networks, online databases. Phenological Research, pages 23— Lohwater, T. Science communication and public engagement with science.

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Ojedokun, A. Environmental attitude as a mediator of the relationship between self-concept, environmental self-efficacy and responsible environmental behaviour among residents of high density areas in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 3 2.

Padgett, D.

One Legacy of Paul F. Brandwein

An hbcu ams diversity project weather studies course enhanced with community engagement content in support of inner-city emergency preparedness and response efforts. In 19th Symposium on Education.. Phusavat, K. Sustaining organisational development through knowledge management in the public sector.

International Journal of Sustainable Economy, 2 1 — Ryu, Y. Testing the performance of a novel spectral reflectance sensor, built with light emitting diodes leds , to monitor ecosystem metabolism, structure and function. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 12 — Sparrow, E. Walters, E. Care to share? Weber, K. Local-scale validation of the surface observation gridding system with in situ weather observations in a semi-arid environment.

International Journal of Remote Sensing, 31 16 — Williams, R. Analyzing sun photometer data to discover trends and to create educational activities for students.

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    One More Legacy of Paul F. Brandwein: Creating Scientists

    In Pervasive Computing and Communications, PerCom Brownstein, E. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 20 5 — Butler-Pascoe, M. English Education and ESP. Monograph , Taipei, Taiwan. Buzby, C. Analyzing the Watershed Dynamics project as an example of successful science and education partnerships. Clarke, K. Coffman, T. Engaging students through inquiry-oriented learning and technology.

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    De Villiers, J. Sienings van laerskoolopvoeders en-skoolhoofde van leerders wat begaafd is. Stellenbosch: University of Stellenbosch.. Duda, D. Part II: Evaluation of sample models. Journal of applied meteorology and climatology, 48 9 — Relating observations of contrail persistence to numerical weather analysis output.

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    Yale Law Journal, 2. Hebert, P. The Housing Education and Research Association, page Hedley, M. Celebrate with satellites: An international polar year partnership to study earth.

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    5. Science Teacher, 76 1 Kerlin, S. Design of an online global learning community: International collaboration of grades science students. International Society of the Learning Sciences.. Krishnan, S. Using the living wisdom of well drillers to construct digital groundwater data bases across Indo-Gangetic basin. Kuaklung, T. Development, 15 Lonn, S. Student use of a Learning Management System for group projects: A case study investigating interaction, collaboration, and knowledge construction.

      PhD thesis, The University of Michigan.. O'Neill-Carrillo, E. Center for resources in general education civis : Towards student success in general and stem education. In Frontiers in Education Conference, A worldwide community of primary and secondary students and their teachers engage in and contribute to geoscience research. Stewart, V.