New Perspectives on Contemporary Chinese Poetry

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Chinese aesthetics is largely a grand reconstructive project. The term has been adopted since the 20th century to denote a theoretical study of general principles and ideals that govern the production, transmission, and reception of all forms of Chinese literature and arts, including poetry, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, architecture, gardening, and music, among others.

Distinct features of Chinese aesthetics lie in its well-integrated interdisciplinary approach, its avoidance of rigid dichotomies, its balancing of binary opposites, and its firm grounding in the sociopolitical realities. In particular, Chinese aesthetics prizes an integration and transcendence of objective representation and emotional expression. Strong personal feelings are often transformed into collective sentiments of human relationships and experience.

In this sense, Chinese aesthetics stresses not objective imitation but rather emotional communication, foregrounding the refined refinement and edification of natural desire.

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Therefore, Chinese aesthetics cannot be said to be either representational or expressive, in any absolute sense. Chinese aesthetics also develops a rich repertoire of concepts, terms, and categories. By manipulating the polysemous key terms, scholars of premodern Chinese aesthetics strive to create new perspectives and narratives, while inheriting and incorporating the tradition of both native and Western aesthetics.

Modern critics endeavored to reinterpret those traditional views within the frameworks of modern aesthetics. In developing the Chinese theory of aesthetics, Chinese scholars have endeavored to acknowledge the polysemous terms and concepts, and create new critique perspectives derived from traditional Chinese writings on literature and arts.

The integration of poetry, painting, and calligraphy is another hallmark of traditional Chinese aesthetic thought and practice.

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Chinese aesthetic pursuit goes beyond the three perfections. Artistic and literary production in China has always been intertwined with political aspirations, social critiques, and intellectual endeavors. Beyond that, it eloquently addresses the eternal struggle between the forces of creative openness and those of authoritarianism and repressive orthodoxy.

Vital information for us all in these, or any, times. Not only does it bring new critical attention to Chinese poetry of the late 20th century, but it does so in such a way as to challenge the hegemonic position of narrative or anti-narrative in contemporary literary production. Grounded in a series of close readings, arguments range from detailed philology to deep theoretical thrusts that contend for another type of knowledge, consciousness, and memory that is unavailable to dominant genres of fiction and film.

These authors show us an "alternative mode" of knowing and remembering, a literature as contemporary as film and as Chinese as classical poetry. Allen, University of Minnesota. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Publishing With Us. British Council Literature Follow. Published in: Business , Education.

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New Perspectives on Contemporary Chinese Poetry by Christopher Lupke

China Market Focus April 2. Webster reedexpo.

Green midaspr. Luedenbach britishcouncil. Dodd rochesterprgroup. The Market Focus programme aims to strengthen cultural and business relations, educate the global publishing community about Chinese literature and contemporary Chinese authors, and help Chinese publishers to promote their books and literature to an international audience via the fair. The cultural programme detailed in these pages will showcase the Chinese writers visiting The London Book Fair through seminars, readings and events in and around the fair. These provide the opportunity for this new generation of Chinese writers to discuss topics of relevance in front of an international literary audience and to meet their international peers.

Furthermore it offers the exposure for rights and export sales from the international publishing community. The professional programme running concurrently at the fair will offer educational opportunities for those interested in learning about different aspects of the Chinese publishing industry.

New Perspectives on Contemporary Chinese Poetry

Details of the programme and the participating Chinese publishers are also included in this brochure. With the largest publishing output in the world by volume and a dynamic collection of Chinese writers ready to share their work with an international audience, now could not be a better time to look at the business, cultural and collaborative opportunities presented by the China Market Focus , China — New Perspectives — New Concepts. We look forward to welcoming you to the programme. This is located at the back of Earls Court 2, on the firstfloor mezzanine, as shown in the maps below.

We look forward to seeing you there. They consider the effect the digital world has on contemporary literature and the opportunities it presents to writers globally together with translator Canaan Morse and novelist and digital expert Naomi Alderman. Rowling, Michael Morpurgo or Julia Donaldson. In an attempt to find out more about the world of Chinese childrens literature, one of Chinas most popular authors in this genre joins us to discuss her writing.

Former editor A Lai, Chutzpah! China Market Focus Programme 07 8. Wednesday 18 April Contemporary Chinese Poetry Chi Zijian, Feng Tang and fellow author Xinran discuss how contemporary literature is reflecting these transformations and the effect they have on the life of Chinese people today. Authors Mo Yan and Li Er debate with literature expert Lu Jiande the role of life outside the city in contemporary fiction, forming the background to explorations of tradition and change.

Feng Tang divides his time between Hong Kong, Beijing and travelling internationally. His books show his sharp wit and are written in the brazen, colloquial language and school-yard slang of the new urban youth. Here he meets the 86 year-old Anne Cameron, and two lives from opposite ends of the 20 century are brought together. Two debut authors whose novels are built on these conflicts will talk about the struggles of individuals and families as the world changes around them, with the editor of chinadialogue. Tickets: Booking , or email enquiries asiahouse.

At this event launching a Comma Press anthology of newly translated stories, some of the most exciting young authors working in China meet leading experts from the UK to explore the riches and tensions of these worlds. Tickets: Free, e-mail events foyles. Both nations, vast and small, have experienced their own forms of profound social and economic change — how do writers from each culture reflect this? Han Dong is well-known as one of Chinas most important avant-garde poets, and is becoming increasingly influential as an essayist, short story writer and novelist.

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