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Any doctor, nurse or paramedic team coming from another country to practice healthcare in an emergency needs to come as a member of a team. That team must have training, quality, equipment and supplies so it can respond with success rather impose a burden on the national system. EMTs must strive for self-sufficiency, meet the minimum standards for EMTs, and a possess the quality of care that is appropriate for the context.

WHO has developed a global verification system where EMTs can be classified and ready to be deployed to health emergencies. It serves as a deployment and coordination mechanism for all partners who aim to provide clinical care in emergencies such as tsunami, earthquake, flood, and more recently, in large outbreaks, such as the West Africa Ebola outbreak. The medical emergency team. Anaesth Intensive Care ; —6. The patient-at-risk team: identifying and managing seriously ill ward patients. Anaesthesia ; — Rates of in-hospital arrests, deaths, and intensive care admissions: the effect of a medical emergency team.

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Med J Aust ; — Redefining inhospital resuscitation: the concept of the medical emergency team. Resuscitation ; — Riley B, Faleiro R.

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Critical care outreach: rationale and development. Effects of a medical emergency team on reduction of incidence of and mortality from unexpected cardiac arrests in hospital: preliminary study.

Deploying a pediatric medical emergency team

BMJ ; — Effect of the critical care outreach team on patient survival to discharge from hospital and readmission to critical care: nonrandomised population based study. BMJ ; A prospective before-and-after trial of a medical emergency team. Med J Aust ; —7. Prospective controlled trial of effect of medical emergency team on postoperative morbidity and mortality rates. Use of medical emergency team responses to reduce hospital cardiac arrests.

Qual Saf Health Care ; —4. Use of medical emergency team MET responses to detect medical errors.

Qual Saf Health Care ; —9. Evaluation of a medical emergency team one year after implementation.

Medical emergency teams at the ottawa Hospital: the first two years | SpringerLink

Impact of patient monitoring on the diurnal pattern of medical emergency team activation. Crit Care Med ; —6.

Humanitarian Health Action

Any hospital patient may become acutely ill and if recognition of deterioration is delayed and subsequent management inappropriate then this can result in late referral to critical care, avoidable cardiac arrests and unnecessary deaths. The overall aim of this initiative was to successfully operationalise a Medical Emergency Team MET to provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week appropriate emergency response to the clinical deterioration and acute illness of any patient in any location within the hospital.

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  5. The key objective was to assure Trust compliance against NICE CG 50 - Acutely ill patients in hospital providing 24 hour, 7 day care for acutely ill patients at the point of need; regardless of their geographical location on the Hospital site. Reasons for implementing your project Following a series of clinical incidents relating to the failure to appropriately manage acute illness, a multi-professional group of clinical experts was established in February to review the provision for deteriorating patients, and to set in place improvements to the quality of care received.

    When patient deterioration occurred, the responder was often a junior doctor who failed to escalate to senior medics. Using a collaborative approach, the group decided to pursue the development of a Medical Emergency Team MET to provide an emergency response to clinical deterioration and acute illness. Prior to MET implementation, a comprehensive training and education programme was delivered to ensure that over 2, staff were aware of the MET Calling Criteria.

    Emergency Medical Teams

    The communication plan included the distribution of 2, MET referral criteria cards, MET awareness days and local media coverage ahead of the launch. How did you implement the project A co-ordinated approach to the care of the acutely ill patient needs multi-professional involvement. For information on the day-to-day operation and team composition of the MET please see the Powerpoint presentation attached.