Langlands correspondence for loop groups

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Compact generation of the category of D-modules on the stack of G-bundles on a curve. Etingof, I. Frenkel, and A. Kirillov Jr..

Spherical functions on affine Lie groups. Stable G-bundles and projective connections. Algebraic Geom 2 , no. A proof for the Verlinde formula. Algebraic Geom 3 , no. Feigin and E. Duality in W-algebras. Affine Kac-Moody algebras at the critical level and Gelfand-Dikii algebras. Finkelberg and S. Twisted geometric Satake equivalence. Inst Math. Jussieu 9 , no. Fock and A.

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    Arun Ram: Loop groups, Lanaglands and mathematical physics

    Cluster algebras and triangulated surfaces. Cluster complexes. Acta Math. On the stack of semistable G-bundles over an elliptic curve Langlands correspondence for loop groups. Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge,. Gauge theory and Langlands duality. Exposs Astrisque No. Frenkel and D. Local geometric Langlands correspondence and affine Kac-Moody algebras.


    Algebraic geometry and number theory, , Progr. Geometrization of trace formulas. Geometric endoscopy and mirror symmetry - Frenkel, Edward et al. Four-dimensional wall-crossing via three-dimensional field theory - Gaiotto, Davide et al. Construction of central elements in the affine Hecke algebra via nearby cycles. Twisted Whittaker model and factorizable sheaves.

    Selecta Math. Generalities on DG categories. Outline of the proof of the geometric Langlands conjecture for GL2. Sheaves of categories and the notion of 1-affineness. Stacks and categories in geometry, topology, and algebra, , Contemp. Quantum Langlands Correspondence. Admissible modules on a symmetric space. The global nilpotent variety is Lagrangian. Isospectral commuting variety, the Harish-Chandra D-module, and principal nilpotent pairs.

    Langlands Correspondence For Loop Groups

    Goncharov and L. Geometry of canonical bases and mirror symmetry.


    Goresky, R. Kottwitz and R.

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    Equivariant cohomology, Koszul duality, and the localization theorem. Character sheaves on symmetric spaces. MIT thesis , available at. Hausel and F. Mixed Hodge polynomials of character varieties. With an appendix by Nicholas M Katz. Hausel, E. Letellier and F. Arithmetic harmonic analysis on character and quiver varieties.

    Hausel and L. Topology of Hitchin systems and Hodge theory of character varieties: the case A1. Hotta and M. The invariant holonomic system on a semisimple Lie algebra. D-modules and microlocal calculus. Translated from theJapanese original by Mutsumi Saito. Translations of Mathematical Monographs, Iwanami Series in Modern Mathematics.

    Equivariant derived category and representation of real semisimple Lie groups. Representation theory and complex analysis, , Lecture Notes in Math. Kashiwara and W. Quasi-equivariant D-modules, equivariant derived category, and representations of reductive Lie groups. Lie theory and geometry, , Progr. Kazhdan and G. Proof of the Deligne-Langlands conjecture for Hecke algebras.