Fuga from 4th Suite of Pieces for the Harpsichord

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Matthews Harpsichord Harpsichord Bengt-Goran Skold For tva cembali, Op.

Harpsichordist - Musicologist - Organist

Kevin Volans Matepe Chester 2 harpsichords, rattles. Kate Waring d.

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  • Social function of the concerto grosso.

Jan Welmers Muziek voor twee clavecymbels Donemus. Francis Knights.

J. S. Bach: His Works

Francis Knights fk cam. Make a website for free Webnode.

In his own day, he was famed chiefly for his keyboard skills, and much of his time was spent writing for the churches where he worked. Yet, when it came to the quality of his work, he produced more jewels than Bvlgari.

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  5. Many Baroque composers wrote dozens, or even hundreds, of concertos but Bach managed to sum up the entire genre with only six, each featuring a different line-up of soloists with a wide range of moods and even structures shocking in an era when concertos were supposed to have three movements: fast-slow-fast.

    So we leap from the dizzying heights of the outlandishly difficult trumpet-writing that colours the second Brandenburg Concerto , to No.

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    And, for pure virtuosity, try the brilliant No. Whereas the concerto came out of an Italian tradition the suite was, in origin, a sequence of French dances. Passions are large-scale choral works telling of the suffering and death of Christ, and none come finer than those of Bach, of which two have come down to us: the St John and the St Matthew. Cantata No.

    Bach was particularly admired for his keyboard skills, not least his knack for improvisation; much of his organ music probably started out life as just that — a doodle turned into something mighty. Leaving aside the most famous organ work of all, the Toccata and Fugue in D minor which some doubt is by Bach at all , one of the most brilliant works is his Fantasia and Fugue In G Minor.

    Bach was not merely one of the greatest composing geniuses in history; he was also a devoted family man, and frequently wrote keyboard music as a teaching aid for his many children. Concerto Op. Concerto in D minor Op.

    Harpsichord Duets :: Francis Knights

    Concerto in G minor Op. Staccato ma non troppo allegro. Adagio ad libitum.

    Andante larghetto e staccato. Concerto in A major Op. A tempo ordinario. Concerto No.

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    Largo e staccato. Ad libitum from Flute Sonata Op. Grave ad libitum. Organo ad libitum Adagio from Flute Sonata Op. Allegro ma non troppo.