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There is no principle of innocent until proven guilty in immigration court. Jacqueline Rose. Jonathan Mingle.

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Helen Epstein. Jonathan Freedland. An object lesson in the way politics can become consumed by nationalism. Michael Chabon.

The target was United States anti-obscenity law. The bait was a single copy of an English-language novel, the most notorious book in the world. Jana Prikryl. Sarah Churchwell. Boris Johnson has always understood that a vivid lie is much more memorable than a dull truth. Alan Weisman.

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A work of genius voiced by a narrator and his double — simultaneously. If Joyce had written the last chapter of Ulysses in Russian it would have sounded like this.


Sokolov is one of those rare novelists whose primary concern is the praise and exploration of a language rather than the development of a position. In this, he is in the line of Gogol, Lermontov, Nabokov. The voice is amazingly sensitive and imaginative, gloriously lucid of language and full of broad comedy and whimsical wit. For all its gloominess, this strange novel is a celebration of life.

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A lyrical vision of extraordinary intensity.